How I Become A Six Figure Blogger // Story of My Business Inside Study Abroad

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Back in February 2009, I was just starting my position at the University of South Dakota running study abroad and global programs.

I was young professional in international education with not a lot of experience, but I had heart, unrelenting problem-solving skills, and a passion for helping those rural South Dakota kids have a meaningful international and study abroad experience.

I hit a lot of roadblocks that first month on the job and I was struggling to find open, candid information and resources online from other professionals in study abroad.




So I decided to do a pretty brazen, audacious, and, in my opinion, badass thing and start chronicling my experiences as a newly minted study abroad director and created the resource I wish I'd had when I was getting started...Inside Study Abroad. 

In today's episode, I'm sharing the full story of how I started Inside Study Abroad and the long, winding road to where it is today - a multiple six-figure company.


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