How to Start An Online Business for Less Than $60

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Unlike fast growth tech startups in silicone valley, brick and mortar companies, or even physical product businesses, starting an online business in the knowledge economy is super fast, simple, and extremely affordable.

To make a substantial income online, you don't need outside investors, a business loan, or a bunch of up-front capital to get started. In fact, you can get started for less than $60 with professional tools and everything you need to get your automated income engine revving.

I'm a great example of this: I started my business with blogger, a free email service provider, a domain, and a Paypal account.



Half a million dollars later, my business is still going strong.

If you break it down, there are only three PAID things and three FREE things you need to get your online business up and running - and these are the tools I would use if I was just getting started.



Start with Kajabi


MY #1 TECH ADVICE: If you're serious about starting your online business and you're ready to go "all in," then I recommend you start with Kajabi and their 14-day free trial. I moved my entire business - website, email list, online programs, landing pages, sales pages, checkout pages, everything - over to Kajabi in 2020 and I'll never go back. 

Before I was using 5-8 different pieces of software to do what Kajabi does in one elegant, seamless solution. 

I only wish it had existed when I started my blog/business in 2009! 

I'll be releasing more behind-the-business tutorials on Kajabi and why I love it so be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel


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