My 2019 Goals (002)

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I’m a planner to the core and I have big goals for 2019. In this episode, I’m sharing each of my personal and professional goals for the year, how I’ve adjusted them over the course of the last six months, and what I still have planned for the last half of the year. I’m taking you behind the scenes of my personal life and my professional life including my big revenue goal for the next six months. It’s scary. I’ve never shared this much detail about my life, so I hope you enjoy it and learn something from it.

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Here’s how my vision board began in December 2018:

2019 goals - original.png

These were my original goals (starting from the top left):

  1. Get ripped with a six pack

  2. Build my Kansas City community

  3. Visit Alaska

  4. Visit 3 new countries - New Zealand

  5. Visit 3 new countries - Iceland

  6. Visit 3 new countries - Morocco

  7. Build my own furniture

  8. Start a monthly dinner party event

  9. Do 10 pull-ups

  10. Do a handstand

  11. Close two companies; launch Brazenist

  12. Write a Book

  13. Do 6 speaking engagements

  14. Date and be open to a relationship

  15. Create a home I love in Kansas City

As you can see, I had a lot of fitness related goals and my “new country” goals ultimately turned out much differently than I had planned (I explain all of this in the episode).

At the end of Q1 and Q2, I reevaluated my goals, what I’ve accomplished, and new priorities for the rest of year and adjusted my vision board to this:

2019 goals Q2 UPDATE.png


  1. Build my Kansas City community

  2. Run the KC half marathon under 2 hours

  3. Earn $100,000 in revenue

  4. Visit Alaska

  5. Visit 3 new countries - Belgium

  6. Visit 3 new countries - The Netherlands

  7. Visit 3 new countries - Cuba

  8. Launch Brazenist Podcast - get 20,000 downloads

  9. Get 25,000 YouTube Subscribers

  10. Pay off half of my existing student loan debt

  11. Close two companies; launch Brazenist

  12. Write a Book

  13. Do 6 speaking engagements

  14. Date and be open to a relationship

  15. Create a home I love in Kansas City

I’ve already achieve about half my goals this year, but I have a lot still to accomplish over the next six months. Tune into the episode to learn what I’ve checked off the list and what is still to come.


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