Launching A Product-Based Side Hustle While Working A 9-to-5 Job - Natalie Garrett of The Study Abroad Journal (012)

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If you've ever thought about starting a business on the side of your regular 9 to 5 job, then this is the episode for you.

I’m sharing a throwback episode with my friend and co-founder of The Study Abroad Journal, Natalie Garrett. This originally aired in summer of 2016 and was right at the launch of our company.

We talk about Natalie’s story and why we decided to create the Journal in our industry. In 2013, we started dreaming up a tool to help students navigate their experience abroad and three years later, our little idea became a reality. 

We’ve sold nearly 1,000 copies of the Journal since it launched and we make $100-1000 per month in pure profit from Journal sales. And the best thing is, that’s completely passive income - meaning we don’t really do much with it right now since we’re both busy working on other things. 

I’m, of course, working on growing Remote Life Labs and Natalie is busy working on her PhD in Tech Ethics at the University of Colorado - Boulder. 



Let me know if the comments if you’d like an episode with Natalie about tech ethics and/or how we created, launched, and grew The Study Abroad Journal to a profitable passive side hustle income. 


  • How experiential learning transformed the trajectory of Natalie’s career and life
  • Why reflection is so powerful in both formal and informal learning environments
  • Where we got the idea for the study abroad journal
  • What Natalie and I were drinking when we started dreaming up the Study Abroad Journal ;)




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