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What 2021 Meant For My Business, Career, & Life about brooke productivity & organization success mindset

Happy new year, friends!

Whew! A new year is upon us and that means it's time to reset and reimagine our work and lives for 2022. I hope your 2021 was filled with lots of wins to celebrate and lessons to carry with you into a new year.


My Stupidly Simple Productivity System productivity & organization

Are you trying to build your online business but feeling overwhelmed, unfocused, or just not as productive as you'd like to be?

Perhaps you're doing "All the things" but not feeling like you're making any progress?

If so, then you might be in...

How to Build An Authority Brand (even if you don't feel like an expert) build your brand

Do you have big aspirations for your career or business but you feel like nobody knows who you are?

Do you feel like you're not expert enough on your topic?

Or perhaps you feel confident, but you're not sure how to build your brand in a smart,...

5 Biggest Myths of Starting a Side Hustle build your brand build your platform podcast success mindset

Have you been sitting on an idea for a side hustle or online business, but you keep putting it off or stopping yourself from taking action? 

Want to launch that YouTube channel, start a marketing consultancy, host a podcast, create...

YouTube vs Podcast: Which one is right for your business? build your brand build your platform start your business

Have you been on the fence about whether to start a YouTube channel or a podcast for your online business?

It's a tough decision with a lot of variables to consider from the gear you need for both, where your audience and customers typically...

Should You Switch to Kajabi? How I finally made the decision! kajabi start your business


Since 2009, I've been duct taping my business together with multiple website builders, plugins, payment processors, landing page builders, course hosting platforms, email service providers, checkout tools, affiliate program management,...

Personal Brand or Business Brand? Which one is right for your online business? build your brand start your business


Should you start your business under your personal brand or a business brand name? This is one of those questions and decisions that can be completely paralyzing to people when they are thinking of building an online business.

This is a...

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