“Every day you postpone a dream, you weaken it a little.”


Brooke Roberts is an entrepreneur with a travel problem.

She's the founder and CEO of BRAZENIST, an online business training and travel education company helping driven thought-leaders create online businesses, launch destination retreats, and earn location-independent income while achieving their most brazen, audacious, and badass goals.

As a 15-year veteran and executive in the travel industry and now four-time entrepreneur, co-creator of The Study Abroad Journal, TEDx speaker, and podcaster, Brooke knows what it takes to have a dream and make it a reality. In 2017, Brooke set out to experiment with a digital nomad lifestyle, living+working in a new country every month for 17 months.

An avid traveler, Brooke has visited 55 countries on six continents and visited 47 US states - with more to come. Today, Brooke lives in Kansas City - about 3 hours from her hometown in rural Kansas - where she's creating a global life and company from the center of the heartland.