The Brazenist Podcast explores what it really takes to boldly, unapologetically go after your most brazen, audacious, and badass goals. If you’ve got big dreams and you’re ready to create a plan, do the work, and make some magic happen in your life...then it’s time to live Brazen.



The Brazenist Podcast is a brand new podcast with an audience of aspiring and thriving entrepreneurs, careerists, adventurers, and goal getters.

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Thanks for your interest in being on the show! I’m on the lookout for incredible guests that embody the #brazenaudaciousbadass mindset and mantra of Brazenist. If you have tangible tactics, strategies, frameworks, and ideas that can help my audience build a business, grow a career, have more adventures, create systems and habits, be a better human, and generally live a brazen life, then you’re in the right place.

If you or someone you know seem like a good fit, please let me know by filling out the form below.

Note: I’m looking for stories + guests that are action oriented and can teach tangible takeaways that will help the community live and work better. Simply sharing your story isn’t enough. Showcase your strengths and expertise.

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