Online Goal Getter Workshop - July 2, 2019

Online Goal Getter Workshop - July 2, 2019

47.00 97.00

Price increases to $97 July 3.

We’re almost to the mid point of 2019 and a lot of us are thinking “where has the year gone?!”

Don’t fret, friends. We got you. Join Brooke Roberts, Founder + CEO of Brazenist, 4-time entrepreneur, former travel industry executive, global digital nomad, and Kansas City super fan as she presents a Goal Getter Workshop that will help you achieve your most brazen, audacious, and badass goals this year. This is goal setting and strategic planning workshop for people who want to rock out the second half of 2019.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this 90 minute workshop:

  • Guided Meditation and Future Casting Visualizing

  • Get Really Real: We’ll tap into your core desires and ambitions for life and what needs to happen in the next 6 months to get you closer to those dreams.

  • Make It Real: You’ll define tangible and realistic goals for 2019 and determine your growth-based actions and targeted projects.

  • Planners, Calendars, and Sticky Notes: This is where the magic happens. We’ll reverse engineer the next six months so you’ll have a quarterly, monthly, and weekly action plans and sprints.

  • Productivity 101: Strategies and tactics to get more done each day without the overwhelm so you’ll flow into each day with ease and excitement.

This workshop will be hosted live online Tuesday, July 2, 2019, at 6.30pm CDT. A link to the workshop platform will be sent via email the day of the event.

Want to attend the in-person version of this event on July 1? Register here.

What to bring: Your favorite notebook, planners if you use them, a laptop if you're all about that digital life, standard multi-color sticky notes and a pen. At minimum, just bring a notebook and pen.


Brooke Roberts is founder and CEO of BRAZENIST, an online business training and travel education company helping driven thought-leaders create online businesses, launch destination retreats, and earn location-independent income while achieving their most brazen, audacious, and badass goals.

She’s a 15-year veteran and former executive in the meaningful travel industry, four-time location-independent entrepreneur, co-creator of The Study Abroad Journal, international speaker, podcaster, and creator. She knows what it takes to have a dream and make it a reality. An avid traveler, so far Brooke has visited 55 countries on six continents. Currently she calls Kansas City home where she’s building her fourth global company from the center of the heartland. You can follow her journey on Instagram @thenewdorothy.